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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Left on the keyboard for me to see

I arrived home Thursday from doing a few errands and found this on the keyboard with a saying from my husband that this was "EMMA"

Her got this picture with her information from an email he subscribes too on He has already named her and has registered to get her when she becomes available. So far, she has not been claimed and she has been moved from the Humane Society to a Vet Clinic to keep her from illnesses there. That alone kind of scares me of the Humane Society conditions in Clanton, AL. They desperately need homes for over 200 animals they currently have and said animals are left in the cage out front all the time. This is so sad! I believe I will return there for a kitten when the time is right.

I hope the time is right for Emma and My Husband. We won't know until Monday when her adoption can be completed as she has to stay 7 days. I cannot believe her owners have not searched for her. Unreal, it is beyond my comprehension! I pray she just got loose and was not abandoned. We did go see her yesterday and she was adorable. All chewey on the leash as she is cutting teeth and must be around 4 months old.

I told my husband if we do get her she has to sleep in a cage till I get this house cleaned up and she is used to it anyway. Not bed ready for sure yet as I know he would let her, just like Jordan sleeps with us. No Way, Not yet! She still has alot of growing to do and so much to get into around here.

I have my combined two mall market stores STUFF in my house and garage and am listing things on ebay as fast as I can. New and Vintage things, plus estate finds I had in my stores. I hope to get back in a store before to long and keep my wholesale accounts as I love shopping from them for new, retro or just fun things.

I also have been painting my new vintage RV " Daisy". She is going to keep the red/white auto finish outside but the pink and white inside is heading for a "Light As A Feather" Sky Blue colour.

So, my listings have a long way to go but I am selling what I have out there nicely.
I have three garden flags going to Australia today and bids yet to end, so I need to get a bunch ready to go Sunday or Monday evening.

When Emma comes Monday, life will be changed again! We have to get a crate and pad for her as well as chew toys, hopefully frozen chewies for her.

Or, maybe her owners will claim her? What if? There are so many dogs needing adoption it is unreal! But, my husband has sure fallen in love with her. And, she is beautiful! Now, about Jordan, he has lost his companion of 10 years with Megan passing and he has been moping missing her, but is he ready for a bundle of energy?
I guess we will see come Monday, Oh, a song! Come Monday, it will be alright!
smiles, cyndi


Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Cyndi, I can just tell that you and your husband already have your hearts open for Emma! What a picture!!!!! And your other dog WILL be so happy for a companion, I'm sure. What a rip at the heart -- you want the dog so much, but on the other hand, if she got away from her owners and they are really great people. . . . .!!!!!

Please let us know the end of the story! But I'm hoping you get her. Then I'll know for sure she has a great home!!!!


Juri said...

Cyndi, I was touched with your love of animals. I cannot figure how folks can just leave their dogs or cats at a shelter and move on with their lives. I am so hoping that you get to keep would be wonderful for her! I canot wait to hear the rest of the story!


ByLightOfMoon said...

Thank you Cora and Juri,

My DH called yesteray to see how Emma was doing and if sh eis still available. He was told they had checked our references and we were number One on the List and Approved.

Oh My, what Am I to do with a 4 month old puppy. I know I'll love her as my DH (dear husband) does already. She has his heart!

I have so many plans in my head, things to do, maybe this will slow me down alittle. I know it will!
Things to get:
Crate, crate pad, I saw a cooling pad at Vermont Country Store in email I got yesterday, Ice chewies for her teething, puppy food,a puppy discipline class,and DH aigns in blood that Jordan is still No.ONE, Emma can learn !
smiles, cyndi

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Cyndi, it will all be ok, I'm sure!!!! If I can live through Buster nightmares and horror stories, and flunk out of bad-boy school, and stand outside in my nightie on freezing cold nights, etc., etc., etc., I'm sure Emma will seem like a breeze for you. And Jordan???? He will think an angel came his way, I'm sure. Emma will learn the ropes quickly from Jordan, I just know it! I can't wait to here this saga play itself out!


Jen at Visions & Verses said...

Well, whatever happens, it will all be part of God's plan. If it isn't Emma, I'm sure some other puppy will be waiting. If it IS Emma, I can't wait to hear about her antics!