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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vintage Thursday Two

I have really enjoyed doing these stages tonight from the zine message Lisa Kettell posted. I just got the Johnny Greuelle book about fairies and the rest just comes from here and there. I plan to do some altered art with most of it. The dragonfly has been on my refrigerator for many years. I adore it as it has many pictures inside it. The sequins in the blue/white egg were in my mother-in-laws estate things. The far left girl with buggy is from an auction box I got to be stitched and someone has already started it in green thread. On the imagine ceramic like flower pot bottom, I usually have a mirror like disc that I turn and it has many colors that show, very unique! It is on my desk most of the time and I just play with it . For the photo, I put some rings with six messages: respect, faith, harmony, joy, honesty, and appreciate.

The Victorian Lady is from a China Painting Convention my Mother participated in back in the 70’s or 80’s. She was very good at painting on china making jewelry for me, several plates, table nick- nacs, and a Victorian lamp. She loved painting Roses, forget-me-nots, barn scenes, and even portraits. She bores easily as she had painted for as long as I can remember starting with the furniture. She painted everything green in the 60’s and then antiqued it like everyone is doing today. Now she is into quilting and has been for many years. She likes wall hangings, purses, jackets, and is now using appliqué techniques and also likes to read books. She also hand-painted all the jewelry in the case and I wore it, mmm, guess I still need to still wear it. I have cut down on the amount of jewelry I wear, just lazy I guess.

Lisa was also asking for doll collections, mine is made with filmo clay, but I got them in the 80’s when it was just getting on the market. I got my “ Kindred Hearts” dolls and angels from craft shows in the Midwest and a craft market stall store in Arkansas.I was devastated when the lady quit making them and that was the end of my collection. My sister-in-law introduced me to them when she saw them at craft shows in Tulsa, OK. So, LouAnn, My mother Rosemary and I all collected them trying not to get duplicates.

Another doll I have I adore on my cat doll. I was into cat things for a long time before I started collecting Department 56 Snowbabies. Any kind of cat was ok. This doll I saw while we were on vacation in Colorado, so she is named ”Miss Brecky” for Breckenridge when I got her. I have adored her for about 20 years now, My time flies!

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