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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I have these two bluebirds at my window trying to get inside to my palm tree. They sit on my daybed on my porch and then fly into the window trying to get that tree. You can see them on the fan blade and on top of a column pillar when they have a third nest. The other two they have filled with straw to make unusuable. I am wondering about that? Maybe they have several momma's that will need nesting boxes?


Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Cyndi, I'm getting a bang out of your bluebirds. AT first I wondered about it. But maybe it is their reflection they see, and feel threatened, thinking they see more bluebirds in there. I just love bluebirds. They are so pretty!!!!! Can't explain the full nesting box like that, except that it does add a lot of protection to what ever is in there. My sister has a bird house that is like that. Flying squirrels will block up their hole when they bed down for the day (they are night time animals!).

Love the pictures!


Renna said...

I wonder if it might help to put some kind of decal on the window, or better yet, let your window get dirty. ;-Þ Seriously, they are so cute. I wish I had bluebirds come into my yard. I so rarely get to see them.