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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thanks for your help!

I am so pleased the we got the news, It was NOT cancer! Hurray, I am jumping up and down dancing with joy! I really wish I could jump up and down, but I am in my mind.
Anyway, Alley is better! She is now going home at night to get a better night's rest. She was going to the emergency clinic every night and back to the Vet during the day. SO much better is a HUGE BETTER!

Her parents did go get another opinion, after the first vet ask about euthanizeing her for discomfort! They yanked her out of there faster than a speeding bullet!

Clap clap clap! I would have also. If she is going to die, it would be in my arms for any of my animals, and her parents felt the same way. I knew they did.

I hope I still get to babysit her this month while they can travel as planned. But, her health is the most important thing right now and everything else is on hold.

But, She is better and eating chicken nuggest and her loved ice water. That is why not drinking at the first vet, they did not know she loved ICE WATER! For joy!

Thanks for all the Blessings she received and continues to have each hour.

Big Smiles today!

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