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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I need your help, please!

One of my grandogs "Alley" who is so near and dear to me had to have emergency surgery yesterday due to a ruptured spleen. She was just not herself yesterday morning and my dear friends who she calls Mom and Dad became concerned when she did not get up as usual to follow them around the house. They more they watched here, the more they became aware and even more concerned.

Birmingham is one of the cities they call home and their vet is not in this area so they called to see if we could recommend ours. Of course, our first choice was our own Vet, Dr. Day in Montevello. But they live far form us and time seemed of the essence. So we recommended the vet we used to go hiking with in our trail hiking club, Dr. Earl Jones as he was much closer to them. They got her in immediately and cause for concern got bigger as they examined her. They knew she needed immediate surgery and all three vets on staff closed the clinic to operate on Alley. Now, remember, this is not a family or pet they have seen for years or anything, this is a Doctor's love for his patients,"animals". No telling how many had to rearrange their schedules yesterday, so they could ALL pay ALL attention to Alley and her surgery. She ended up being under for over 3 hours as they found the spleen had ruptured due to that nasty word "Cancer" and it has burst all over her other organs so they cleaned them up as fast as possible to get her in recovery and it was a very guarded night.

Our friends even followed the vet, Dr. McGee, driving Alley is his car to the Emergency Night Clinic and they followed in their car. This way someone would be up with her all night and keep a close eye on her and this morning they got her and returned here back to the operating clinic as the Night Clinic is emergency only when the other Vet offices are closed.

Evidently, the cancer had been growing and not obvious but it got big enough and burst. There had been no reason to do a blood test as she had been her normal self.

Well, I am all keyed up worrying about her and we have offered our two dogs and her brother to give blood to here if neccessary. They had trouble matching her this AM and had no idea we were here and willing and ready on a moment notice. But, they certainly know now!

I just hope everyone who passes this way will take a minute and bless Alley and pray for her recovery. I could not love here more than my own dogs and she is a very special grand-dog to me and my family. In fact, we babysit her several times a year. She is blessed to also have a sister from another family, A sister Dog, of course!

Be blessed Alley, I love you..


Pherenike said...

Best wishes for a fast recovery.

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Cyndi, I'm soooo sorry! I can just feel the love you have for Ally in your post! I'll be praying today for her. Sounds like she has lots of love close to her, and I know how that helps. How wonderful that such a caring and loving Vet would give his time and abilities! Let us know how he is doing, and I'll be praying! Cora