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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ally Sweet Ally as a puppy

I appreciate all the love and thoughts shared here with my Grand-dog Ally. My heart has a hole in it for her and it will take some time to heal. I was scheduled to dog-sit with her this month

Our lives are enriched my our animals as I know many are. Our Two Golden Retrievers, Megan and Jordan (Ally's Parents) will be so happy to have Maggie visit with us as scheduled but we sure will be feeling our hearts ache with one missing precious canine.

She is just the most precious female dog I know next to Megan, her mother

Here is photo of her before she was adopted as she was a stand- out puppy already close to our hearts. She hung out with unruly Julie and tried to climb the kitchen fence gate, but it was usually Unruly Julie who got out and was returned to the fenced in area with Ally. They hung out together alot. Ally is the middle puppy so you can see how petite she was. She Petite and Dainty from the beginning.

She will have the candlelight service tonight with the Rainbow Bridge and later a ceremony at her beloved river with all she deserves, a special service, flowers, accompanied by many of her canine friends and sister Maggie.

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