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Monday, March 31, 2008

A Variety of Vintage Past Pleasure

Hi Friends,

I have entered the best ebay stores contest, mainly to try and win a trip to” ebay live in Chicago” as I am very serious about my ebay business. It is not a check it now and then business but a daily event in my life. I think ebay all day and what I can do to increase my sales and make my business better.

The name I currently have “frstyfrolksTrynToRezonLarks” does not really say anything about my store and my dragonfly logo is very important to me, so what do I change?

Frstyfrolk on google is very good for me as long as it is spelled correct, which I doubt much of the time it is. My web-site frstyfrolk dot com is my marketing site.

My Blogs are even better and I love my ByLightOfMoon blog with my altered art as my feature of me and who I am.

So, I believe I will go with “A Variety of Vintage Past Pleasures”

How does that sound? Does it embellish what I sell? You already know I sell Vintage auction and estate items. Many Vintage VHS Movies, Vintage to New Clothing, household this and that, and My new line of Ambiance items like my Flower Vases with frog lids, Metal Dessert Stands, Sachets, and soon to come Vintage but new Signs!

So, here is my announcement, You are the very first to know!

Smiles, frstyfrolk/Cyndi

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