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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thanking You!

I so appreciate everyone who visits my site, and I hope you sign the guest book for me. The MapLoco is very interesting to see where you live. {grins} This is a new project for me. I have had my Website Dragonfly Dreams ( with many store shopping sites and now I have also added my web-shopping site at my Blogger account for Dragonfly Dreams here at Blogger

It is fun to share so mnay FUn STores and Sites with all of you. If you find a neat site you plve , please let me know from either site or here even.

This week has just flown by as I have stil been merchandising my two walk in stores here in the Birmingham area. I tried to get them updated and full of merchandise so I can stay home next week. With gas at over $3.00 a gallom now, internet shopping looks better and better.

I also have applied for more wholesale sites to do with our crafting and maybe getting some supplies even cheaper to use.

Mmm, my DH just handed me a bowl of "Otter Paws Ice Cream" , it is yum! Creamy Caramel and Chocolate in Vanilla Ice Cream form Publix Grocery store. This is the first that we have ried their own brand and it is delicious. We are bingn=ing there now and everytime we go, we get more!
Megan and jordan( our Golden Retreiver DOgs are pacing to each of us to see who gets some first. They are used to getting the last bite and licking the bowl.

well, I am so thankful for all I have met here and I have been working on my ebay store also while the changeover to the sellers and buyers feedback is being debated. I have folks who leave wondeful and those you never leave feedback. I so enjoy the good news and I wonder about the ones who just disappear. Are they happy and just not interested. I wish they knew how much it meant to me to have the feedback for my store site to grow. I really make an effort to make their shopping experience the best it can be.
Later, cyndi

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