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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday, Jan 13,2008

I am in Missouri visiting my Mom and brothers as my Mom is scheduled for surgery next week and I came up to visit and be with her for awhile after her surgery til she can be back up and around god. She fell on her bum knee again yesterday and is brused and banged up. That darn knee! She hit her arm on a bookcase in her bedroom and her hand is swollen so we took her to the Urgent Care Center for X-Ray on her hand.

The Dr thought is was broken and was very surprised that it was not. She is sore again this AM with her shoulder but keeping her swollen hand and wrist on ice to get the swelling down and the bruising on the ther arm is really deep blue. She IS using her cane and this afternoon Randy and I went shopping while Mom watched skating on TV. we got her a knee brace and an ice pack (she was using frozen veggies)plus lots of goodies we found on sale.

I told Randy he should never go shopping with a lady looking for a handbag, especially when she is being picky about the handle being ONE for shoulder use, not TWO handles to carry only in hand. I like to sling it over my shoulder and have my arms free.

I finally settled on one and then we hit the Christmas reduced sale 50% off and I found the cutest cupcake ceramic hinged holders with candy inside. Cupcakes are so
" HOT " this year!

well, we ended with Chinese to take home and ENJOY!


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