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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Enlightning Group!

I have been led to this most wonderful group of friends and I learn so much from them. Linda has made the group Banner for which I give Thanks!

I so wish I could lern how to make these, and I will :-), one day!

I do alot of one-days now, and they will happen. Things are organizing and I am feeling better, I have alot of NEW happening in my life now and all for the good!

Cora writes the most beautiful blessings, and she has an old photo with her sister telling Santa their wish list, remember those? of Yes!

And Lea is a cutie in her yard with her Primative art scarecrow among her morning glories. She also has shared her photo on her swing and making quilts, a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

This is a nice Sunday Morning, I hope to day to re-visit my flower garden and do what needs to be done as the Fall temperatures arrive. We put the goose- down duvet on the bed this week and I have my comfy chennile bathrobe on. I just need to find something I can wear to keep my feet warm. They are cold. Have a blanket over them now, but can't go outside barefoot. And my sandels do not keep my toes warm.But, I do still keep stretching them. The feelings just never goes away.

Sun is shining on beautiful blue skies, I hope to also get new ebay listings done today as well as put more things together for the new marketstall in Pelham Mall. It is getting full, I hope the Halloween things sell.

smiles, cyndi

1 comment:

cora said...

Oh, Cyndi! It is just wonderful! I enjoyed reading your post, especially the part about the good down comforter!!! I would just love to feel that frosty chill in the air and snuggle by a fireplace. I'm tired of being HOT and hearing the air conditioner run all the time!

Thank you for setting up your blog and letting us into your life like this! Cora