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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have been looking for a three column blog template and I found this fabulous header with Itkupilli, She shares wonderful templete and I got this header from Susan at Blessed By Designs . I have just been time short for the templete I am looking for but I will get it. I did get two new templates for my on and off ebay auctions, I love them! They are Ornate Grunge Blue Pearls and a Shabby Chic Pink!

I have so many photos to take of my items to list on ebay today. Since I last blogged we got a new puppy for Emma to play with All seems to be working out beautifully. He ( Bailey) loves the cats and Black wants to be his best friend. Bailey is 8 months and we celebrated Emma's second birthday yesterday with extra Treats and of course toys, Gosh, she and Bailey love to play tug!

Here is Emma with her 2nd Birthday Bone. She is going to hide it from Bailey, He does not quite know what to do with one. So she took his also and I gave him another small rawhide piece that Jordan likes. He never liked the ends until Megan and then Emma had chewed one down some and got it soggy, of course he had older teeth.
Here is Bailey,

all three of them,  Bleu on top, Blck and Bailey in crate

Our snow we had for one day!

I also found a Valentine Day collar for the cats, but I just found one so they had to share it. Maybe I can make one. I need to sew the bells back on the Christmas collars for Emma and Barkley, my grandog.

Have you been watching the Olympics on Television. Isn't Vancouver and Whistler Mountain just the Best !  The Today Show is in Victoria this AM and I have been there too! We did not have Afternoon Tea at the Empress Hotel opened in 1908 as they did today, darn, missed the opening! ( grins)

But, Victoria is just as beautiful as Vancouver and I believe they are the best in the world, Like I have seen the world, yeh! But, they are really eye-inspiring sigtshts to see. We went by car ferry to Victoria and then the Doube decker Bus ride was fabulous. You could over-see the gardener's in their backyards working at the awesome  flowersd and veggies in their Backyards! You could overlook the tree hedges as I called them. No one had wood fences like we have, they had Christmas Tree hedges! Really Cedar trees but too Kool!  I want one! Seriously the trees go to the sky in the Northwest and Canada. Nothing like the pine trees here; and fragrant! Oh so good!

We stayed at Whistler at a time share my husband's uncle had and it was April/May in 2000. I shall find some photos to show you.  The slopes were only open to snowboards and an event from SOL beer so I helped with that event, the beer I mean, it was on a Beautiful sunny day we could sit outside the mountain outside the chalet at the top and seee forever!  A cold beer with my coat taken off reaked of happiness. We just sat there. even got a Leather Jacket at the Hard Rock Cafe Whistler, Canada. Those are wonderful memories I cherish. We both could hike them and we did alot of it.

Bob is his thinking Spot 
mE IN mY faiRLyLaNd

Then when we moved to Seattle we went to Vancouver quite often to Stanley Park. We said when we pass for our daughter to leave a park bench around Elliott Bay in our memory, only way we could afford one is Dead! Oh well, someone will enjoy it like we did.

Seriously, my husband pulled a good one on me the first time we visited. I wanted a hog dog at the souvineer booth form the walk around the bay and he insisted we wait abit and then he surprised me with lunch at the Tea Garden Teahouse. Oh My, I even saved the menu! Do you do that?

What a memorable lunch and feeling on being on the top of the world. The northwest calms me. I feel serene there. Well, the Olympics are being well watched in our home.

 Bob has really been enjoying them even when he works if it is calm he can watch TV as a police/fire/911 dispatcher. I have trouble sitting down and watching TV when he is at work, all is never done around here. But, the skaters were beautiful last night. I  love ice skating! And skiing! Well watching both! I never tried ice skating, no reason why, I kind of wish I had, I used to roller skate as a kid. All the time; I had birthday roller skating parties and swim parties growing up with my friends. I invited 8-10 girls and we had a ball on my birthdays. And speaking of Birthdays. I want to wish my friend Dani, at Eagle Wings a very Happy Birthday today.

I also took my first three hour beading class yesterday and I am making a netted weave bracelet. Here is what I got done yesterday.

Now, I wonder how far I get get with it on my own, the size changers in the pattern are the hardest for me also being the clumsy one  I am, just threading a needle is a joke! She also had some"Thread Heaven" to run the Fireline thread through as it got tangeled on me. I did get that too!
The button will be sewn on as I am far enough now, it will be down on the gold color end. I wanted natural like colors, the next are a pearl look. Oh me, will I get that pattern okey?

I saw a lady working this at the bead show I went to a few weeks ago and it was awesome, very much like crochet.


Also while I am thinking of it, Have you seen the new Mary Jane bedding? The chenille one? Oh, I got it! and here is a photo, it was so pretty on the twinbbed at Belk, now ill it look as good on A king bed. I have not yet put it one, I really hate to break it in with theanimals on it. I had a chenille bedspread when I was a kid. And this is a bedspread also, the lined chenille tabs go down the sides and a floral motiff on the top. At first I got the blue one, then I changed my mind for the cream after consulting with Bob also. I even had to go to another store for the King Spread  at the Galleria Mall here, I rarely go to the mall anymore and I just went in Belk and back out. That is about all I can walk and they have two store spaces where Pizitz had closed and Parisian before that.

I even saw this very same cast iron bed at the Thrift Store a while back, if only I had a shop somewhere, I know I could have made a buck or two. But, I don't, so it will be for someone else to have found.
Do you detect a sigh here? I do! Oh well!

I better get on with today, I have photos to take and uploading to do on Bonanzle and Ebay,and Etsy so ta ta for now, Happy Birthday Dani!